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📰 US Black Engineer: Black leaders powering the metaverse honored at the BEYA Metaquake Symposium (February 2023)

📰 Create & Cultivate 24 Hard-Working Womxn Share The One Productivity Tip That Truly Changed Their Life (October 2020)

📰 Women's Empowerment Principles TeLisa Daughtry - Paving the Way for Women in Technology (August 2020)

📰 Skillcrush How To Tell If A Company Is (ACTUALLY) Supporting Women Of Color (July 2020)

📰 Boomerang Agency Business, Burnout and a Buddhist (July 2020)

📰 Empower Women / UN Women Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Future: International Women’s Day 2020 - Summary and Research Report (February 2020)

📰 Business Insider 15 stories of burnout from successful female CEOs, founders, and leaders, and their advice for avoiding the same fate (February 2020)

🎥 CTV News Atlantic Live at 5 Breaking glass ceilings with TeLisa Daughtry (February 2020)

🎥 Empower Women / UN Women / Economic Club of Canada Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and the Future (February 2020)

🔊 The Suga Ray Show 1-on-1 with TeLisa Daughtry [Podcast]  (January 2020)

🔊 Checkbox Other with Nikki Innocent Flyest Technista with TeLisa Daughtry [Podcast] (October 2019)

🔊 Penji Shades of Success [Podcast] Powering Women & Girls To Become Innovators in Tech (August 2019)

🎥 United Nations TV 1M1B Activate Impact Summit Civil Society Unit briefing (February 2019)

📰 SWAAY These Women Aren’t Just Using Diversity As A Buzzword (May 2018)

📰 EdSurge Words to Never Use If You Want to Build a Diverse EdTech Company (March 2018)

🔊 Fox News Radio Extraordinary [Podcast] (November 2017)

📰 Bustle 8 Women In STEM Who Are Changing The Game (September 2017)

📰 Code Like A Girl Meet TeLisa Daughtry, Founder of FlyTechnista (September 2017)

🎥 Bold TV #BoldBiz: FlyTechnista (August 2017)

📰 Black Enterprise FlyTechnista is Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead (June 2017)

📰 Mic 1,000 Tech and Science Speakers Who Aren't Men (May 2017)

🎥 Anita Borg Institute for Women and Technology: Women Entrepreneurs & Innovation Summit - The B's of Building a Successful Business (May 2017)

🎥 Cheddar TV NYSE Closing Bell / Women in S.T.E.M. (April 2017)

🎥 W.I.N. Forum NY 5 Must Have Digital Skills (April 2017)

🎥 Code Eclectic Beauty, Brains, and Hustle (March 2017)

📰 WeRule TeLisa Daughtry (March 2017)

📰 BOLD Millennial Poverty Doesn’t Always Look Like The Person Asking You For Change (March 2017)

📰 Innov8tiv Innov8tiv's Top 50 Visionary Women In Tech To Watch In 2017 (January 2017)

📰 Huffington Post Women in Tech: STEEAMnista Summit Recap (December 2017) 

🎥 Salon TV How to Bridge the Gap between Women and the Tech World (October 2016)

📰 BOLD TV Tech Shouldn’t Be a Boys’ Club: TeLisa Daughtry Talks Women and STEEAM (October 2016)

📰 Fox News This Founder Plans to Stop the Decline of Women in Tech (August 2016)

🎥 Meet TeLisa Daughtry: The Woman Who Plans to Put a Stop to the Decline of Women in Technology (August 2016)

📰 Brooklyn Buttah TeLisa Daughtry, The Connector for Women and Girls in TECH (July 2016)

🎥 January Diaries Meet the Women in Tech Stars of Collision Conference (April 2016)